Brown Patch Fungus in Spring

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The sun is shining, new growth is all around us and we can officially celebrate that Spring is here in full swing. This time of year in South Florida can make anyone yearn to spend more time outdoors. However, if you are like many homeowners in Palm Beach County, you may start seeing unsightly brown patches in your lawn. This particular culprit, called brown patch fungus, can form almost overnight. Here is some helpful information from East Coast Sprayers on this menacing fungus. 

What is brown patch fungus? 

Brown patch fungus is a quick-forming fungal disease that infects your lawn when conditions become hot and humid. As we head into spring, moisture and heat become more abundant in Florida, leaving your lawn as a breeding ground for fungus. Exposing your lawn to prolonged moisture – whether its rain, poor drainage, evening/nighttime watering – and high temperatures can create the perfect condition for fungus to develop. 


For most people, they simply wake up in the morning with numerous circular patches of yellow/brown grass. Brown patch fungus is widely-known to show up overnight and without warning. The patches can range in size (from just a few inches to many feet in diameter) but will be mostly circular in shape. The fungus is typically yellow or brown/tan in color, but can sometimes appear burgundy or darker on the outside of the circle. 

How to Fix Diseased Lawns

If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your lawn, DON’T FRET! East Coast Sprayers knows exactly how to treat brown patch fungus and how to help get your lawn in pristine condition. Our team of highly-trained professionals have decades of experience working with fungal diseases in South Florida lawns. We will evaluate your landscape and create a custom-treatment plan and give you helpful tips along the way. Let us help you get back outdoors – call East Coast Sprayers today!