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How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Even if you say you love animals, no one likes pests. Pesky pests like termites, bugs, and rodents will create major damage in your home if you don’t get rid of them. According to surveys, in America alone, it is estimated that pest infestation has resulted in five billion dollars worth of damage each year. Rodents can destroy your home’s electrical wirings and compromise your electrical system.  Pests are also notorious for damaging sewage systems, internal plumbing, and much more. When dealing with pests, you should consult with a pest control service in Jupiter, FL. This is a job that must only be handled by experts.

Pest Control Service Jupiter FL

How Do You Keep Pests Away?

#1 Reduce Plants and Mulch

Check the surroundings of your home and if you can find shrubbery or tree branches that reach your home, trim them. Cut off all potential bridges that pests can use to get to your home. The same principle applies to mulch found in garden beds. Remove them as these offer a good shelter for pesky pests. You may use rocks as an alternative. Remember, when there are fewer pests outside the chances of them getting inside your home is lesser too!

#2 Check Your Windows and Doors and Keep Them Sealed

If you leave tiny cracks and gaps, unsealed pests nearby can wiggle their way into your house. Even if you’re confident your house is safe, it doesn’t hurt to double-check windows and doors regularly. Make sure the doors fit the frames well.

Check windows for tears or rips in the screens and address them promptly. For homes with screen meshes, choose one that has two hundred holes per square inch to keep pests away because once they get inside, it can be difficult to get rid of them unless you hire a professional pest control service.

#3 Inspect For Gaps and Cracks

You might think pests only access your home through typical doors and windows but sadly, these aren’t the only routes they take. Houses that have crevices, gaps, and cracks from the exterior can invite annoying pests in. Therefore, make sure you check loose siding, gaps in pipes and electrical wirings, foundation cracks, and lost roof shingles.

#4 Keep Litter Away

Garbage may not look harmful but it does invite pests. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and ants are drawn to garbage. These pests may think there’s food in your garbage or they may consider it as shelter. To keep pests at bay, ensure that all your trash bins have tightly sealed lids. Also, make sure you clear cans and other potential areas where pests can live and thrive.

#5 Clean Your Home Regularly

A clean home is a safe home. When your house is clean you won’t have areas for pests to consider using for shelter. We recommend you regularly vacuum, mop, and sweet your home. Sweep away food crumbs on the floor ASAP. Regular cleaning also allows you to check your home for possible cracks and crevices where pests can use to get inside.

Pest Control Service Jupiter FL

Do You Need Pest Control Service in Jupiter FL?

If pests have started wreaking havoc in your home, don’t attempt to handle it yourself because not only is it unsafe, you’ll likely end up frustrated and disappointed by the results. At East Coast Sprayers, we provide exceptional pest control services in both residential and commercial properties. With three decades of experience in helping people live comfortably and peacefully in pest-free homes, we can guarantee that our services work! Call us today for free estimates.


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