South Florida’s 5 Most Common Household Bugs

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Sunny, warm weather and beautiful beaches make South Florida one of the top destinations to live, but with this climate comes an array of household bugs that can invade our homes. As one of the top pest control companies in Palm Beach County, our team at East Coast Sprayers has seen (and treated) it all so we are sharing the 5 most common household bugs you may encounter. 



We are sure we can speak for everyone when we say roaches are our least-welcome house guests. Just the sight of one in our home can send us into a frenzy. Roaches not only spread diseases as they move around searching for food, they shed skin, feces, and body parts that can cause serious allergic reactions. The most common types found in Palm Beach County households include the German cockroach, brown-banded cockroach and the Asian cockroach. 



Ants are a pest that never seem to go away. Our South Florida area is a playground for numerous species of indoor and outdoor ants, but the household bugs in the ant family we see regularly in Palm Beach County are the pharaoh ant, the ghost ant and the pavement ant. These ants feed on the sweet and greasy food we leave behind. With all the nooks and crannies our kitchens have for crumbs to hide, it’s almost impossible to not experience an ant infestation in your lifetime. 



Animals are usually the main carriers of fleas into our homes. While we love our pets, their frequent exposure to the outdoors makes them a prime subject to acquiring fleas. Once inside your home, fleas feed off their host and reproduce at a rapid rate. Once they reproduce, eggs can fall off their original host and make their way to you, your family and other pets in the house. 



It’s typical to walk into a home and find at least one spider hidden away in a perfectly webbed corner. While spiders usually cause us no harm, there are still the few species that can bite and/or are venomous. The harmless household spiders include the domestic house spider, wolf spider and funnel weaver spider. The most common poisonous spiders in the Palm Beach County region may come as no shock to residents; the brown recluse and widows.




Acclaimed across the industry as one of the top household bugs, silverfish are one of those pests that simply aim to annoy. While they don’t bite or carry disease, they can cause damage to your possessions, such as clothing, carpet, paper (that includes books) or anything that stands in their way of food. Silverfish get their name from the coloring and unique movement. If you happen upon one, you will notice how their fast-moving bodies curve as they crawl, almost like a swimming fish. They are mostly attracted to warm, damp, cluttered spaces (think bathrooms, garages and attics) with plenty of areas to hide and sources of food. 



If you are experiencing any of the household bugs described above, give our team a call. We are expertly trained with over 30 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. Our team of licensed professionals know how to quickly eradicate these pests from your home… and keep them from coming back. Call East Coast Sprayers today for your free estimate!