How to Prevent Brown Patch Fungus 

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Did you wake up and find areas of your grass seemed to have yellowed overnight? Do you notice these yellow and brown patches of grass are forming in an irregular, donut-like shape? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a lawn fungus called brown patch.


Causes of Brown Patch Fungus


Summer in Palm Beach County is hot, humid and sunny; what we at East Coast Sprayers like to call the brown patch trifecta. Brown patch fungus typically develops (but remains dormant) during the cooler months when the temperature is below 80 degrees, but flourishes in the summer when the heat and humidity conditions are just right. Over watering your lawn during the summer months can increase your chances of a fungus outbreak.


Brown Patch Fungus Preventative Tips


  • Water in the morning, giving your lawn time to dry out before nightfall
  • Mow your lawn frequently to help dry out leaf blades
  • Shut off your sprinkler system during periods of heavy summer rain
  • Avoid high levels of nitrogen – fast release form especially! 
  • Continue pre and post-emergent weed control to avoid sprouting weeds in those thinning areas
  • Fertilize your lawn to replenish vital nutrients necessary to fight off fungus and disease
  • Use preventative fungicides from May to September 

If you have already noticed signs of brown patch fungus, it’s too late for preventative treatments. Not to worry! Brown patch doesn’t typically kill a lawn. Your grass can grow new blades come spring with proper care and spring-time lawn fertilization


Brown Patch Fungus Treatment and Help


When it comes to brown patch fungus, prevention is always the key. East Coast Sprayers can develop a preventative treatment plan specifically designed for your Palm Beach County lawn. We carefully consider our South Florida weather conditions and apply weed control or lawn fertilization treatments during the most optimal time. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your lawn pristine year round!