Combating Slug Infestations  

slimy brown slug on a leaf

Slugs are a significant problem in non-arid climates, as they thrive in hot and humid environments. Many people underestimate the damage that these slimy nuisances can cause. If a growing number of slugs raise concerns, contact East Coast Sprayers for lawn pest services in Palm Beach.   

Combat slug infestations with lawn pest services in Palm Beach

Why Slugs Are a Lawn Pest   

You’ll most likely find them in areas covered in greenery. Bushes, shrubs, and flowers are all food sources for hungry slugs. No matter the plant they choose to eat, they can severely damage it in the process. If you don’t treat your slugs quickly, you may need lawn care services as well.   

Distinguishing slug damage from other critters can prove to be a difficult assignment for those untrained. Here are a few common signs that your garden or landscaping is under the affliction of slugs or snails:   

  • Large, ragged holes in leaves or flowers   
  • Springtime damage   
  • Slime trails in grass or mulch   
  • Plants with only the stems remaining   
  • Holes chewed into vegetables    

When they aren’t consuming your vegetation, you may find slime trails across your tiles or carpeting. If this happens, you’re likely to ask how they came into your Palm Beach home and will they affect your health?   

How and Why Slugs Enter Homes   

Slugs are looking for the same things spiders, cockroaches, and other infestations look for food, water, and a break from the elements. Common household attractants include pet food and pantries.   

Slugs can enter your household in a variety of ways, such as:   

  • Entering through gaps, tiny holes, pipes, or vents   
  • Squeezed through a crack in one of your doors or windows   
  • You or a pet could trap them in   

Professional Slug Removal Services   

Before we take action, we will thoroughly inspect your property. We’ll begin where you’ve already seen them and then check potential hiding places. After seeing the scope of the problem, we’ll start to treat your infestation.    

If slugs are hanging out in your garden or flowerbeds, we’ll spray for them. Our professional-grade sprays will quickly and effectively end your troublesome slug invasion. Along with slugs, we offer a solution for many lawn invaders.  

For indoor slugs, the tactics are very different. Since slugs are nocturnal, you’ll only notice their presence from hardened slime trails in the morning after they’ve retreated. For this reason, you may not be able to find them unless you really look.  

If it’s possible to plug their entry, that will help tremendously. After, the careful placement of traps in the seemingly high-traffic areas should take care of them. Once the slimy critter crawls inside, it has no chance of escape.   

Lawn Pest Services in Palm Beach

Are You Looking for Lawn Pest Services in Palm Beach?   

Since slugs are a major problem, you must act quickly. We can put an end to the infestation before it swells into a larger problem. Contact us today for all you’re your lawn care and pest removal needs!