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While South Floridians enjoy lots of sunshine and warm weather, many of them are also trying to prevent those pesky iguanas from destroying their landscape plants, flowers, and shrubs. When these creatures threaten to invade your commercial property, you wouldn’t want to wait until they wreak havoc on your lawn. Do yourself a favor by enlisting the help of the most reliable pest control service providers in Lantana, FL – East Coast Sprayers.

iguana Pest Control Service Lantana, FL

What You Should Know About Iguanas


Since iguanas are herbivores, they feast on decorative plants, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and shrubs. Additionally, they can easily tear up well-manicured lawns and create eyesores by creating burrows. Besides eating, destroying landscaping, and stinking up swimming pools, they can also cause damage to seawalls and foundations.

Due to their excellent digging abilities and superior climbing skills, commercial property owners find it extremely challenging to get rid of them. What’s more, iguanas are territorial creatures that won’t leave on their own.

Health and Safety Risks

If you catch an iguana eating your flowers, don’t even think about picking them up by hand for relocation. These large lizards carry infectious bacteria called Salmonella that can be passed to humans via contact with the iguana or their fecal matter.

Some of the most severe symptoms of this illness include fever, vomiting, and debilitating diarrhea. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you have any contact with an iguana or their droppings.

When iguanas sunbathe on sidewalks or commercial patios and seawalls, they tend to get in the way of passing pedestrians. When these pests feel threatened, they won’t hesitate to scratch, bite, or use their muscular tail to deliver powerful scratches.

How to Rid Your Commercial Property of Iguanas

Never Leave Food Out Unattended

You shouldn’t allow leftovers to sit outside. Unless you clean up your mess right away, iguanas won’t think twice before they try to eat the bowl of fruit left unattended.

Dispose of Any Dropped Fruit

Since iguanas won’t be able to resist fruit that’s easy to get to, be sure to rid your lawn of low-hanging or dropped fruit. While you’re at it, don’t forget to discard them in a closed garbage bin. Put a cinder block on the lid to prevent smart iguanas from lifting the lid, sliding in, and digging through your garbage looking for food.

Fill Iguana Holes

The best time to fill iguana holes is when they’re out roaming during the day. Before you fill the holes with dirt and top them with sod, be sure to stuff large rocks in them first.

Returning iguanas won’t dig through the rocks. Filling iguana holes with rocks and dirt can also prevent their eggs from hatching.

iguana Pest Control Service Lantana, FL

Hire Pest Control Service in Lantana, FL!

Unfortunately, iguana populations show no signs of decline because these creatures face only a few competitors or natural predators in the wild. While some people can choose to coexist with these pests, this isn’t an option for most business owners. If you need help in controlling the iguana problem plaguing your commercial property, get in touch with East Coast Sprayers to schedule an inspection.

As you drive around Palm Beach County, you’re more likely than not to see large groups of iguanas lounging around our local lakes and waterways. These invasive iguanas have become a nuisance to our homes and neighborhoods, businesses, local parks, and commercial properties. Researches aren’t sure exactly how many of these pests roam wildly in South Florida, but estimate the numbers can be well into the hundreds of thousands. If you don’t already know the destruction these reptiles can do, here’s some of the damaging effects of iguanas on our local landscape.


Iguanas Can Damage Your Property


You’ve spent countless hours and dollars keeping your home or business looking its best. When an iguana moves in to your landscape, you will encounter damage in many ways. Iguanas live in burrows deep in the ground that can uproot and undermine seawalls, foundations, and bulkheads. Living on your property, their feces can be a source of salmonella and containment your pools. In addition to their burrows, there have been more and more reports of iguanas causing power outages and internet black-outs by climbing electrical poles and eating wires. Finally, while iguanas are mostly vegetarian, they feed on your beautiful flowers, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, causing expansive damage to your landscape.


Iguanas Can Injure You and Your Pets


For the most part, iguanas are going to run from any imminent danger. As you approach one, they will either run into their burrow or dive into the nearest body of water. While they aren’t a relatively aggressive pest, if you happen to corner an iguana, they will defend themselves. Iguanas have sharp teeth, used for foraging on plants, and will bite to protect themselves. They also have the ability to use their long tails like whips and will snap their tails in the face of a predator.


Iguana Removal and Control


If you’re looking to deter or scare off iguanas in your yard, you may want to avoid planting iguana-preferred vegetation, spray them with the water hose and make noises so their atmosphere is unwelcoming. Most importantly, NEVER feed them. If you find a burrow in your yard, collapse the hole and fill it in with dirt. Doing your part to make them feel unwelcome will help to keep them at bay.


If your property is overrun with iguanas and you need them removed, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers are here to help. We will evaluate your iguana population and determine the best removal method. Contact us today for your estimate to help remove these pests from your landscape.