South Florida Rain Can Wreck Your Lawn

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It seems like the rain is never going to stop here in Palm Beach County. While we are heading into hurricane season, the rainfall our area gets during this time can wreak serious havoc on your lawn. Here are some rainy season issues we are seeing right now and some helpful tips to keep your lawn in pristine condition through the summer.


Heavy Rain Brings Fungus


As the moisture continues to rise, you may be noticing patches of dead-looking grass in your lawn. Fungus thrives on moisture and the more rain we get here in Palm Beach County, the more susceptible your lawn is to fungus. Some of the common fungus breakouts we are seeing now are gray leaf spot and brown patch fungus. Gray leaf spot favors conditions of high humidity and moisture, and it spreads through your lawn during heavy rainfall. Brown patch fungus is prevalent during times of prolonged wetness and can develop quickly, popping up overnight. Keep a close eye on your lawn during the summer and call East Coast Sprayers at the first sign of fungus!


Turn off the Irrigation


While your irrigation system is a benefit to your landscape (and a no-brainer for the South Florida homeowner), the automated setup can be easy to forget. When heavy rainfall is expected in our area, remember to turn off your sprinklers for a few days. Over saturation of your lawn can cause fungal disease, such as gray leaf spot and brown patch fungus, and ultimately drown your landscape.


Call the Professionals at East Coast Sprayers


If you are experiencing issues with fungus, you should always call an expert. The licensed professionals at East Coast Sprayers can diagnose your rain-induced fungus issues and custom-tailor a treatment plan specifically for your lawn. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you get your lawn healthy again!