Weed Control

Weed Control Near Palm Beach County, FL with Proven Results

If you are tired of spending your free time fighting off weeds, call East Coast Sprayers. We are a team of licensed professionals that provide effective and efficient weed control services in Palm Beach County, FL and the surrounding areas. We understand how tough it is as a homeowner to keep your lawn healthy all year. With many other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time. East Coast Sprayers offers effective and hassle-free weed spray services that can treat a variety of invasive weeds. Our weed control company can help you remove the following:

  • Dandelion
  • Dollar weed
  • Clover
  • Match weed
  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Florida pusley
  • Purslane
  • Red sorrel
  • Violets
  • Nutsedge
  • And more!

Our Weed Spray Service Is Tailored to Your Lawn

There are many different types of invasive weeds. Your lawn and soil are unique, which is why we provide custom treatments for each customer. By personalizing services, we ensure that our treatments work properly. Our team will begin with an inspection of your lawn to determine its condition, then we will create a plan to efficiently control the weeds on your property. Get started today by scheduling your service.


See our Tree Fertilization Near Delray Beach, FL page for more information on our variety of tree and lawn services. 

Stop Your Search for Weed Control Companies and Call Us!

When it comes to lawn care and weed control, we provide some of the best services in the Palm Beach County, FL area. We take great pride in our experience, knowledge, and unparalleled customer service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so our job isn’t done until you are happy with our work. Team up with us for timely, professional, and quality services today. We offer free estimates!

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      Very efficient, competitive and excellent communications

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      Mary Webb
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      John Russo
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      Tamara Fitzpatrick
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      Nancy Davidson
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      Stu Levy
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      Mike Pilgrim
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      Boca Reviews Avatar
      Boca Reviews
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      Colleen Dolan
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      Lou DiBlasi
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      James Mcspedon
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      Louis D.
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      Extremely professional . Awesome customer service. Best of all they... read more

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      Stacey Tucker
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      Carol Cucinelli
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      When i first meant Jimmy i was very impressed with... read more

      Kevin Clark Avatar
      Kevin Clark
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      Very reliable service and good price

      Sandi R.
      - HomeAdvisor

      Very personable, reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend.

    • Anna V.
      - HomeAdvisor

      Great business. Easy to reach!

      phil lobsinger Avatar
      phil lobsinger
      - Google

      great people to work with

      Terese Ripa Avatar
      Terese Ripa
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      This company has recently started fertilizing/ pest control on our... read more

      Yveline Andrieu Avatar
      Yveline Andrieu
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      This is a great company, I recommend it.

    • Candace West Avatar
      Candace West
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      360Leftyrider Avatar
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      Michael Bland
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      Liane Rolon
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      Jennifer Zimmer
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      R white
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      Greg Terranova
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      Judy Thompson
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    • Colleen Dolan Avatar
      Colleen Dolan
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      Love the personalized care!

      Roxanne R.
      - HomeAdvisor

      Very prompt on the initial bid and first service. Fair... read more

      Mauro Calderon Avatar
      Mauro Calderon
      - Google

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      Sonia Luhtala
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    • Jeffrey Miller Avatar
      Jeffrey Miller
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      Joe Laszczak Avatar
      Joe Laszczak
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      Jenna Filardo
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      Robert Fernandes Avatar
      Robert Fernandes
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    • M G Avatar
      M G
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      Kathy Snellman
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      Ernie Doel
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      Lex Avatar
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      Jay Wolfberg
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      Amazing service! Very communicative. Yard looks amazing!

      Julie Thompson Avatar
      Julie Thompson
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      Christopher Tabaszewski
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      Mark Syben
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      shaunico Poitier
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      Eric Harbaugh Avatar
      Eric Harbaugh
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      These guys are great and my lawn has never looked better!

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      Matthew Sturgess
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      Eugene Andersen Avatar
      Eugene Andersen
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      Lauren Devine
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      James King
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      Tray Johns
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      I am a disabled veteran, I receive a check once... read more

      Kyle Vandenbrink Avatar
      Kyle Vandenbrink
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      James is one of the best in the business. He... read more

    • Valerie Pergolizzi Avatar
      Valerie Pergolizzi
      - Google

      Extremely knowledgeable, very polite, fast to address the issue and... read more

      Bob F.
      - HomeAdvisor

      Very prompt. Always notifies me the night before coming

      Kevin Whelan Avatar
      Kevin Whelan
      - Google

      As a client with a large yard, East Coast... read more

      Michelle Yetter Avatar
      Michelle Yetter
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      Greg N.
      5 star rating
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      Patricia S.
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      hunter whittington
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      Scott Creighton
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      DV8 Garden Supplies Avatar
      DV8 Garden Supplies
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      Tracee Hynes
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      T Devlin Avatar
      T Devlin
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      Zach Derby
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      Anthony Petrella Avatar
      Anthony Petrella
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      Great people, and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend.

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      Paul Cerrito
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      Kim W
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      Greg Neducsin
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      States C.
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      Also did some tree/bush spraying for surcharge

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      - HomeAdvisor

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      Oliver D.
      - HomeAdvisor

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      - HomeAdvisor

      ECS did a thorough job of fertilizing and pest control today.

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      Rick Hines
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      Curtis Thompson
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      Scott Creighton
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      Dane Grove
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