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If you are an avid grower in Palm Beach County, you know of (or proudly grow) a rare fruit tree called the lychee tree. Originating in China, this delicious fruit-bearing tree isn’t grown commercially in the United States, besides a few small farms here in Florida. Favorable tropical conditions in South Florida allow us the unique opportunity to grow this tree. But with every great opportunity comes unique threats in pest control. Introducing: The lychee erinose mite. 

Lychee Erinose Mite Treatment, East Coast Sprayers
East Coast Sprayers treating a lychee erinose mite infestation.


First discovered in Florida in 2018, the lychee erinose mite itself is undetectable without a microscope, but it leaves a path of destruction that cannot be ignored. Like other varieties of mites, they pierce the fleshy leaves and feed on the moisture inside of your plants. The Lychee erinose mite specifically attacks the lychee trees, creating a dense, wool-like erinose on the underside of leaves where they live, feed, and reproduce. 


Heavy infestations of lychee erinose mites can cause severe damage to your lychee tree, including: 

  • Blistering, curled and disformed leaves 
  • Reduced photosynthesis
  • Decline in tree growth
  • Reduced flowering/fruit production


If you have a lychee tree and notice an orange-brown velvety growth on the underside of your leaves, blisters on the leaf tops and a decline in your tree’s flowering/fruit production, we can help. 


East Coast Sprayers is the top lychee erinose mite eradicator in Palm Beach County and has successfully treated infestations from Jupiter, FL to Boca Raton, FL. With eradication methods perfected by our team in conjunction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, your tree can be on its way back to health in a few short months. East Coast Sprayers will evaluate your lychee trees and provide a free treatment estimate – Call us today and let our team of licensed professionals help bring your landscape back to health!