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Slugs are a significant problem in non-arid climates, as they thrive in hot and humid environments. Many people underestimate the damage that these slimy nuisances can cause. If a growing number of slugs raise concerns, contact East Coast Sprayers for lawn pest services in Palm Beach.   

Combat slug infestations with lawn pest services in Palm Beach

Why Slugs Are a Lawn Pest   

You’ll most likely find them in areas covered in greenery. Bushes, shrubs, and flowers are all food sources for hungry slugs. No matter the plant they choose to eat, they can severely damage it in the process. If you don’t treat your slugs quickly, you may need lawn care services as well.   

Distinguishing slug damage from other critters can prove to be a difficult assignment for those untrained. Here are a few common signs that your garden or landscaping is under the affliction of slugs or snails:   

  • Large, ragged holes in leaves or flowers   
  • Springtime damage   
  • Slime trails in grass or mulch   
  • Plants with only the stems remaining   
  • Holes chewed into vegetables    

When they aren’t consuming your vegetation, you may find slime trails across your tiles or carpeting. If this happens, you’re likely to ask how they came into your Palm Beach home and will they affect your health?   

How and Why Slugs Enter Homes   

Slugs are looking for the same things spiders, cockroaches, and other infestations look for food, water, and a break from the elements. Common household attractants include pet food and pantries.   

Slugs can enter your household in a variety of ways, such as:   

  • Entering through gaps, tiny holes, pipes, or vents   
  • Squeezed through a crack in one of your doors or windows   
  • You or a pet could trap them in   

Professional Slug Removal Services   

Before we take action, we will thoroughly inspect your property. We’ll begin where you’ve already seen them and then check potential hiding places. After seeing the scope of the problem, we’ll start to treat your infestation.    

If slugs are hanging out in your garden or flowerbeds, we’ll spray for them. Our professional-grade sprays will quickly and effectively end your troublesome slug invasion. Along with slugs, we offer a solution for many lawn invaders.  

For indoor slugs, the tactics are very different. Since slugs are nocturnal, you’ll only notice their presence from hardened slime trails in the morning after they’ve retreated. For this reason, you may not be able to find them unless you really look.  

If it’s possible to plug their entry, that will help tremendously. After, the careful placement of traps in the seemingly high-traffic areas should take care of them. Once the slimy critter crawls inside, it has no chance of escape.   

Lawn Pest Services in Palm Beach

Are You Looking for Lawn Pest Services in Palm Beach?   

Since slugs are a major problem, you must act quickly. We can put an end to the infestation before it swells into a larger problem. Contact us today for all you’re your lawn care and pest removal needs! 

Have you been struggling to grow a lush garden or a modest tree or two? If your plants don’t take root in a healthy environment, their chances of survival are very slim. So, if you’re looking for tips on tree and shrub care in Boca Raton, FL, we at East Coast Sprayers have you covered.    

Tree and Shrub Care Boca Raton FL

What Inhibits Tree and Shrub Growth?  

Living in Delray or Boca Raton, FL, can be a nightmare for even the most experienced green thumbs. Many folks who are new to Florida lack the knowledge to compensate for the lower mineral and nutrient levels in sand-based soils.  

While some plants growsgrow abundantly in nature without intervention, homeowners can have a slightly more challenging time. Home foundations typically rest on fill sand that is compacted to the density of cement. Without proper fertilization efforts, the time and energy spent planting can be overrun by this unideal environment. 

What is Professional Tree and Shrub Care?  

Professional tree and shrub services require an expert understanding of Terra Firma. Here are several common problems we see with South Floridian yards:  

  • Limestone in soil raises the Alkalinity levels (Miami over 7.5 on a 0-14 scale)  
  • High amounts of “sugar sand”  
  • Low retention of water and nutrients  

Despite these common issues, no two yards are the same.  With the knowledge of East Coast Sprayers, let’s take a look at how we can partner to flourish your greenery.   

Tree and Shrub Spray  

Fertilizers provide the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium–these elements are crucial for healthy, thriving plant life. 


Added nitrogen stimulates the growth of stems, flowers, and fruit faster than a plant normally would in the wild. Because of the growth explosion caused by proper nitrogen levels, your plants will be fuller and lusher, the envy of your neighbors.  


Phosphorus helps plants to take root more securely. This nutrient promotes the production of oils and starches, which directly affects the growth of their roots, making them healthier than ever.  


Lastly, potassium serves three crucial roles in development: 

  1. Builds protein 
  2. Fights disease 
  3. Promotes chlorophyll production. 

Lacking potassium can lower the effects of photosynthesis, draining your plant life of energy.  

Any imbalance of these critical nutrients will result in some very sad shrubs. While they all have their unique tolerances, our team can better position your soil to accommodate any plant or tree you wish to grow. 

expert doing Tree and Shrub Care Boca Raton FL

Are You in Need of Tree and Shrub Care in Boca Raton, FL?  

If you’re dealing with nutrient-deficient soil, East Coast Sprayers is here for you. Our team has a combined 30 years of experience breathing life into South Florida’s wilting gardens. Reach out today and have our team take a look at your property. 

Although cutting your commercial property’s lawn can help reduce the appearance of those unsightly weeds, it doesn’t stop them from coming back. Sometimes you may even feel like ten weeds have taken the place of the one you just killed. If you want nothing more than a flourishing lawn without all the hassle of yard work, you’ll want to hire professional weed control services in Boynton Beach. 

Weed Control Boynton Beach

Major Benefits of Hiring Weed Control Services for Your Commercial Lawn

If you want to keep your business looking good from its exterior, you’ll want to stay proactive in the fight against weeds. Why wait for these undesirable plants to grow and spread until they completely take over your commercial lawn? Let the pros handle your weed issues while keeping your landscape green and healthy!  

They’re Highly Trained To Handle the Job

Many people who choose to go the DIY weed-killing route make the huge mistake of using store-bought solutions to fix their weed problems. These products contain toxic chemicals that can hurt humans, animals, and plants.  

The last thing you want is to kill healthy grass in the area that you sprayed the weed killer, harm the trees in your landscape, or suffer the consequences of breathing in spray mist. While killing weeds may be important, it’s not really worth the risk. Alternatively, trusted professionals are trained to handle weed control solutions that won’t compromise your health or cause harm to animals and plants.  

They Produce Long-term Results

DIY solutions aren’t sustainable because store-bought weed-killing solutions require you to spray each new weed that sprouts back up. As the seasons wear on, your commercial lawn would have dead spots all around it.   

On the other hand, weed control specialists offer effective and hassle-free weed spray services that can eliminate a wide variety of invasive weeds. To ensure lasting results, they begin with an inspection of your lawn to assess its condition before creating a customized plan to control the weeds on your property.  

They Provide Season-Based Treatments

Identifying your lawn care habits that promote weed growth is extremely important because lawn care and weed control vary from season to season. Working with an expert can help you put an end to those bad habits and achieve that lush scape of grass all year round.  

They Negate an Unintentional Spread

With DIY weed killing, you won’t be able to tell the long-term effects it will have on your commercial lawn. Since the spray covers a wider berth than you may have initially thought, you may end up causing an unintentional spread of those toxic chemicals throughout your landscape. Moreover, when the wind carries the chemicals all around your lawn, they can cause your grass and plants to die by accident.  

When the professionals apply their weed control services, they’re certain about how their treatments will affect your lawn. They use safe but effective sprays that prevent weed growth while keeping your delicate plants safe in the process. 

Weed Control Boynton Beach 

Looking for the Best Weed Control Specialists in Boynton Beach?

For more than 30 years, East Coast Sprayers has transformed the exterior landscapes of various residential and commercial properties in the Palm Beach County, FL, area. We offer a wide variety of services including lawn fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub care, and more! Contact us today to receive 15% off your first application service! 

The sun is shining, new growth is all around us and we can officially celebrate that Spring is here in full swing. This time of year in South Florida can make anyone yearn to spend more time outdoors. However, if you are like many homeowners in Palm Beach County, you may start seeing unsightly brown patches in your lawn. This particular culprit, called brown patch fungus, can form almost overnight. Here is some helpful information from East Coast Sprayers on this menacing fungus. 

What is brown patch fungus? 

Brown patch fungus is a quick-forming fungal disease that infects your lawn when conditions become hot and humid. As we head into spring, moisture and heat become more abundant in Florida, leaving your lawn as a breeding ground for fungus. Exposing your lawn to prolonged moisture – whether its rain, poor drainage, evening/nighttime watering – and high temperatures can create the perfect condition for fungus to develop. 


For most people, they simply wake up in the morning with numerous circular patches of yellow/brown grass. Brown patch fungus is widely-known to show up overnight and without warning. The patches can range in size (from just a few inches to many feet in diameter) but will be mostly circular in shape. The fungus is typically yellow or brown/tan in color, but can sometimes appear burgundy or darker on the outside of the circle. 

How to Fix Diseased Lawns

If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your lawn, DON’T FRET! East Coast Sprayers knows exactly how to treat brown patch fungus and how to help get your lawn in pristine condition. Our team of highly-trained professionals have decades of experience working with fungal diseases in South Florida lawns. We will evaluate your landscape and create a custom-treatment plan and give you helpful tips along the way. Let us help you get back outdoors – call East Coast Sprayers today! 

Sunny, warm weather and beautiful beaches make South Florida one of the top destinations to live, but with this climate comes an array of household bugs that can invade our homes. As one of the top pest control companies in Palm Beach County, our team at East Coast Sprayers has seen (and treated) it all so we are sharing the 5 most common household bugs you may encounter. 


We are sure we can speak for everyone when we say roaches are our least-welcome house guests. Just the sight of one in our home can send us into a frenzy. Roaches not only spread diseases as they move around searching for food, they shed skin, feces, and body parts that can cause serious allergic reactions. The most common types found in Palm Beach County households include the German cockroach, brown-banded cockroach and the Asian cockroach. 


Ants are a pest that never seem to go away. Our South Florida area is a playground for numerous species of indoor and outdoor ants, but the household bugs in the ant family we see regularly in Palm Beach County are the pharaoh ant, the ghost ant and the pavement ant. These ants feed on the sweet and greasy food we leave behind. With all the nooks and crannies our kitchens have for crumbs to hide, it’s almost impossible to not experience an ant infestation in your lifetime. 


Animals are usually the main carriers of fleas into our homes. While we love our pets, their frequent exposure to the outdoors makes them a prime subject to acquiring fleas. Once inside your home, fleas feed off their host and reproduce at a rapid rate. Once they reproduce, eggs can fall off their original host and make their way to you, your family and other pets in the house. 


It’s typical to walk into a home and find at least one spider hidden away in a perfectly webbed corner. While spiders usually cause us no harm, there are still the few species that can bite and/or are venomous. The harmless household spiders include the domestic house spider, wolf spider and funnel weaver spider. The most common poisonous spiders in the Palm Beach County region may come as no shock to residents; the brown recluse and widows.


Acclaimed across the industry as one of the top household bugs, silverfish are one of those pests that simply aim to annoy. While they don’t bite or carry disease, they can cause damage to your possessions, such as clothing, carpet, paper (that includes books) or anything that stands in their way of food. Silverfish get their name from the coloring and unique movement. If you happen upon one, you will notice how their fast-moving bodies curve as they crawl, almost like a swimming fish. They are mostly attracted to warm, damp, cluttered spaces (think bathrooms, garages and attics) with plenty of areas to hide and sources of food. 


If you are experiencing any of the household bugs described above, give our team a call. We are expertly trained with over 30 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. Our team of licensed professionals know how to quickly eradicate these pests from your home… and keep them from coming back. Call East Coast Sprayers today for your free estimate!

If you are an avid grower in Palm Beach County, you know of (or proudly grow) a rare fruit tree called the lychee tree. Originating in China, this delicious fruit-bearing tree isn’t grown commercially in the United States, besides a few small farms here in Florida. Favorable tropical conditions in South Florida allow us the unique opportunity to grow this tree. But with every great opportunity comes unique threats in pest control. Introducing: The lychee erinose mite. 

Lychee Erinose Mite Treatment, East Coast Sprayers
East Coast Sprayers treating a lychee erinose mite infestation.


First discovered in Florida in 2018, the lychee erinose mite itself is undetectable without a microscope, but it leaves a path of destruction that cannot be ignored. Like other varieties of mites, they pierce the fleshy leaves and feed on the moisture inside of your plants. The Lychee erinose mite specifically attacks the lychee trees, creating a dense, wool-like erinose on the underside of leaves where they live, feed, and reproduce. 


Heavy infestations of lychee erinose mites can cause severe damage to your lychee tree, including: 

  • Blistering, curled and disformed leaves 
  • Reduced photosynthesis
  • Decline in tree growth
  • Reduced flowering/fruit production


If you have a lychee tree and notice an orange-brown velvety growth on the underside of your leaves, blisters on the leaf tops and a decline in your tree’s flowering/fruit production, we can help. 


East Coast Sprayers is the top lychee erinose mite eradicator in Palm Beach County and has successfully treated infestations from Jupiter, FL to Boca Raton, FL. With eradication methods perfected by our team in conjunction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, your tree can be on its way back to health in a few short months. East Coast Sprayers will evaluate your lychee trees and provide a free treatment estimate – Call us today and let our team of licensed professionals help bring your landscape back to health! 

It seems like the rain is never going to stop here in Palm Beach County. While we are heading into hurricane season, the rainfall our area gets during this time can wreak serious havoc on your lawn. Here are some rainy season issues we are seeing right now and some helpful tips to keep your lawn in pristine condition through the summer.


Heavy Rain Brings Fungus


As the moisture continues to rise, you may be noticing patches of dead-looking grass in your lawn. Fungus thrives on moisture and the more rain we get here in Palm Beach County, the more susceptible your lawn is to fungus. Some of the common fungus breakouts we are seeing now are gray leaf spot and brown patch fungus. Gray leaf spot favors conditions of high humidity and moisture, and it spreads through your lawn during heavy rainfall. Brown patch fungus is prevalent during times of prolonged wetness and can develop quickly, popping up overnight. Keep a close eye on your lawn during the summer and call East Coast Sprayers at the first sign of fungus!


Turn off the Irrigation


While your irrigation system is a benefit to your landscape (and a no-brainer for the South Florida homeowner), the automated setup can be easy to forget. When heavy rainfall is expected in our area, remember to turn off your sprinklers for a few days. Over saturation of your lawn can cause fungal disease, such as gray leaf spot and brown patch fungus, and ultimately drown your landscape.


Call the Professionals at East Coast Sprayers


If you are experiencing issues with fungus, you should always call an expert. The licensed professionals at East Coast Sprayers can diagnose your rain-induced fungus issues and custom-tailor a treatment plan specifically for your lawn. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you get your lawn healthy again!

As you drive around Palm Beach County, you’re more likely than not to see large groups of iguanas lounging around our local lakes and waterways. These invasive iguanas have become a nuisance to our homes and neighborhoods, businesses, local parks, and commercial properties. Researches aren’t sure exactly how many of these pests roam wildly in South Florida, but estimate the numbers can be well into the hundreds of thousands. If you don’t already know the destruction these reptiles can do, here’s some of the damaging effects of iguanas on our local landscape.


Iguanas Can Damage Your Property


You’ve spent countless hours and dollars keeping your home or business looking its best. When an iguana moves in to your landscape, you will encounter damage in many ways. Iguanas live in burrows deep in the ground that can uproot and undermine seawalls, foundations, and bulkheads. Living on your property, their feces can be a source of salmonella and containment your pools. In addition to their burrows, there have been more and more reports of iguanas causing power outages and internet black-outs by climbing electrical poles and eating wires. Finally, while iguanas are mostly vegetarian, they feed on your beautiful flowers, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, causing expansive damage to your landscape.


Iguanas Can Injure You and Your Pets


For the most part, iguanas are going to run from any imminent danger. As you approach one, they will either run into their burrow or dive into the nearest body of water. While they aren’t a relatively aggressive pest, if you happen to corner an iguana, they will defend themselves. Iguanas have sharp teeth, used for foraging on plants, and will bite to protect themselves. They also have the ability to use their long tails like whips and will snap their tails in the face of a predator.


Iguana Removal and Control


If you’re looking to deter or scare off iguanas in your yard, you may want to avoid planting iguana-preferred vegetation, spray them with the water hose and make noises so their atmosphere is unwelcoming. Most importantly, NEVER feed them. If you find a burrow in your yard, collapse the hole and fill it in with dirt. Doing your part to make them feel unwelcome will help to keep them at bay.


If your property is overrun with iguanas and you need them removed, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers are here to help. We will evaluate your iguana population and determine the best removal method. Contact us today for your estimate to help remove these pests from your landscape.

The overwhelming heat and humidity of summer is starting to leave as fall is settling in to Palm Beach County. You’ve been breaking your back all summer; mowing weekly, fertilizing regularly and watering your lawn to keep the heat from burning it up. With fall on its way, East Coast Sprayers is here to help make your lawn care needs simpler and let you get back to enjoying your South Florida lifestyle.


Lightly Fertilize


Throughout the rest of the county, fertilizing in the fall would be considered a big no-no. But in South Florida, we have our own set of rules to go along with our unique weather. Fertilizing in the fall will keep your lawn lush and green year round, so don’t stop even though the weather is getting cooler. Lightly fertilize your entire lawn to make sure you get the best from your fall lawn prep.


Reduce Mowing


As soon as you notice a slight dip in the temperatures, reduce your mowing schedule. Even though we have year round sun here in South Florida, your grass doesn’t grow as fast once the seasons change into fall and winter. Cutting too often and too low will cause unnecessary damage, so make sure to adjust your mower blades and limit your mowing to every other week.


Listen to Your Lawn


Don’t ignore the signs your lawn is giving you. If the blades of your grass change in color, it needs water. If everything looks fine, let it be. Over-watering in the fall can cause irreversible effects… So walk on it, feel it, touch it. Listen to your grass and change your watering schedule as needed. If you rely on an irrigation system, make sure to adjust for the season so you can continue to maintain a beautiful lawn. 


Fall Lawn Care Help


If you’re struggling with your landscape through the changing seasons, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers are always here to lend a helping hand. We will make sure to give your lawn the right amount of fertilization, as well as guide you through new watering and mowing habits for the season. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you a free estimate to help keep your lawn lush all year round!

Did you wake up and find areas of your grass seemed to have yellowed overnight? Do you notice these yellow and brown patches of grass are forming in an irregular, donut-like shape? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a lawn fungus called brown patch.


Causes of Brown Patch Fungus


Summer in Palm Beach County is hot, humid and sunny; what we at East Coast Sprayers like to call the brown patch trifecta. Brown patch fungus typically develops (but remains dormant) during the cooler months when the temperature is below 80 degrees, but flourishes in the summer when the heat and humidity conditions are just right. Over watering your lawn during the summer months can increase your chances of a fungus outbreak.


Brown Patch Fungus Preventative Tips


  • Water in the morning, giving your lawn time to dry out before nightfall
  • Mow your lawn frequently to help dry out leaf blades
  • Shut off your sprinkler system during periods of heavy summer rain
  • Avoid high levels of nitrogen – fast release form especially! 
  • Continue pre and post-emergent weed control to avoid sprouting weeds in those thinning areas
  • Fertilize your lawn to replenish vital nutrients necessary to fight off fungus and disease
  • Use preventative fungicides from May to September 

If you have already noticed signs of brown patch fungus, it’s too late for preventative treatments. Not to worry! Brown patch doesn’t typically kill a lawn. Your grass can grow new blades come spring with proper care and spring-time lawn fertilization


Brown Patch Fungus Treatment and Help


When it comes to brown patch fungus, prevention is always the key. East Coast Sprayers can develop a preventative treatment plan specifically designed for your Palm Beach County lawn. We carefully consider our South Florida weather conditions and apply weed control or lawn fertilization treatments during the most optimal time. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your lawn pristine year round!