The Importance of Fall Lawn Care in Palm Beach County

fall leaf 1

The overwhelming heat and humidity of summer is starting to leave as fall is settling in to Palm Beach County. You’ve been breaking your back all summer; mowing weekly, fertilizing regularly and watering your lawn to keep the heat from burning it up. With fall on its way, East Coast Sprayers is here to help make your lawn care needs simpler and let you get back to enjoying your South Florida lifestyle.


Lightly Fertilize


Throughout the rest of the county, fertilizing in the fall would be considered a big no-no. But in South Florida, we have our own set of rules to go along with our unique weather. Fertilizing in the fall will keep your lawn lush and green year round, so don’t stop even though the weather is getting cooler. Lightly fertilize your entire lawn to make sure you get the best from your fall lawn prep.


Reduce Mowing


As soon as you notice a slight dip in the temperatures, reduce your mowing schedule. Even though we have year round sun here in South Florida, your grass doesn’t grow as fast once the seasons change into fall and winter. Cutting too often and too low will cause unnecessary damage, so make sure to adjust your mower blades and limit your mowing to every other week.


Listen to Your Lawn


Don’t ignore the signs your lawn is giving you. If the blades of your grass change in color, it needs water. If everything looks fine, let it be. Over-watering in the fall can cause irreversible effects… So walk on it, feel it, touch it. Listen to your grass and change your watering schedule as needed. If you rely on an irrigation system, make sure to adjust for the season so you can continue to maintain a beautiful lawn. 


Fall Lawn Care Help


If you’re struggling with your landscape through the changing seasons, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers are always here to lend a helping hand. We will make sure to give your lawn the right amount of fertilization, as well as guide you through new watering and mowing habits for the season. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you a free estimate to help keep your lawn lush all year round!