Benefits of Lawn Fertilization and Feeding in Palm Beach County

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Look around – your neighbors and friends are enjoying summer family gatherings on their green, well-manicured lawns. Don’t be envious; you too can have a beautiful lawn at your own Palm Beach County home! All it takes is regular lawn fertilization and feeding to keep your grass green year round. East Coast Sprayers is here to help explain the benefits of feeding and fertilizing your lawn. 


Weed Reduction


Grass with deep, healthy roots are less susceptible to weeds. Regular feeding and fertilization gives your lawn the vital nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy – leaving no room for menacing weeds to invade. Weed control is hard to overcome, so it’s best to prevent weeds before they even have the chance. 


Resistance to Pests


Whether or not your fertilizer contains pesticides to protect against bugs, a strong lawn has better defenses to stand up against pest damage and healthy roots leave them with little room to dig or burrow into the soil. Proper fertilization can provide insect control simply by strengthening the root system and overall health of your grass.


Disease Defense


Think of fertilization as a regular supplement to support the immune system and fight off illness. Feeding and fertilizing your lawn gives your it the health-boost to protect against ruthless disease that can wreak havoc on your landscape.


Overall Lawn Health


Feeding and fertilizing your lawn gives it the essential nutrients it needs to flourish. Just like we need food and water, your grass needs the perfect blend of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to maintain it’s dense, green appearance. The overall health of your grass can be easily improved with proper fertilization on a regular basis.


Lawn Fertilization and Feeding Help


While there are many do-it-yourself techniques, it’s always best to leave the health of your lawn up to the professionals. East Coast Sprayers can quickly establish which nutrients your lawn is lacking and customize a fertilization plan specifically for you. Our team of lawn “doctors” will evaluate, diagnose and prescribe a regular treatment program to keep your Palm Beach County lawn healthy. Contact us today at (561) 203-5555 for a free evaluation!