Aphids and Scales: What You Need to Know

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Living in Palm Beach County comes with its perks, but it also comes with the insects and pests that make their home in your landscape. Aphids and scales are two of the common found insects that invade and cause destruction in South Florida plants. East Coast Sprayers know how important curb appeal is to our customers, and we are here to help keep aphids and scales away with pest control treatments and programs designed for you.


Aphids in Palm Beach County


Aphids can primarily be found in your flowering plants, feeding on the juices from the stems, leaves and flower buds. Their feeding causes your flower petals to curl and hinders the overall growth of the plant. These pests reproduce quickly and aphid larvae feed on the roots of the plant. 


Luckily, aphids can be easy to eradicate as their bodies don’t offer much protection. In addition to treating the live insects with a pesticide, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers can apply a treatment during their dormant season to kill any wintering eggs.


Scales in Palm Beach County


While scales have a different appearance than aphids, they have almost identical destructive behaviors. They suck the juices from your plants, leaving them discolored and damaged. In addition, they secrete honeydew, which quickly forms into a sooty mold which can reduce photosynthesis. This mold can remain on your foliage long after killing them off and cause extreme damage or death of the plant. Preventative treatments can help reduce the odds of scales ever harming your plants, while our specialists can help eradicate their presence if you currently have an infestation.


Aphids and Scales Treatment in Palm Beach County


If you’re experiencing issues with your landscape similar to what we’ve described above, it may be time to call East Coast Sprayers. We are professionals who understand the ins and outs of your landscape, as well as how to control pests and insects that invade it. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your aphid and scale epidemic and let us create a custom treatment just for you.